Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Urban Decay Naked Palette

When this palette first came out in the summer I thought - no, I don't need that at all... at all!

Then, I saw it on a UK website not long ago for 22.50 British Pounds, and they delivered to Bulgaria, so I all of a sudden wanted it!

Then the problems began - I tried to order it, but paypal was giving me a strange message and I couldn't get my order through. Then I even paypaled money ot an USA youtube friend, so that she buys it for me through her paypal, but then again - same strange message.. Finally, the lovely camiloveskiwi (check out her youtube, she is amazing) was sweet enough to get one for me and send it to Bulgaria, I paypaled of course!

And here it was in all its beauty:

The palette comes with  12 gorgeous eyeshadow colors, a mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion and a double-ended 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero (black) and Whiskey (brown).

I adore this palette! I've worn it on a night out, daily, on a couple of interviews even (I got it 2 weeks ago). This is a perfect palette for everyone - there are neutrals and there are darker colors, perfect for smokey eye. The packaging is also very pretty - brown velvety packaging, I love it!

I will give you my impressions of every color that I've tried from this palette! :)

From left to right:

Virgin - I've worn this color to 3 job interviews already. IT's is a perfect soft all over the lid color, it's a pale cream color with subtle shimmer. This is what MAC's Shroom should be in my opinion. I love it!

Sin - this is a pretty shimmery pink color, it reminds me alot of MAC's Grande Entrance and Stila's Kitten eyeshadows. It is a gorgeous color for all over the lid too!

Naked - this color is a soft brown matte color, it actually reminds me alot of the lighter brown matte color from the Sleek storm palette.

Sidecar - a gorgeous shimmery (glittry even, watch out for fallout with this one) reddish brown color.

Buck - a beautiful darker matte brown color. Perfect for the crease.

Half Baked - a pretty shimmery gold color (I haven't tried it yet).

Smog - a shimmery bronze color, it reminds me of MAC's Woodwinked eyeshadow.

Darkhorse - a shimmery dark brown with gold reflex in it, this one reminds me of MAC's Mulch.

Toasted - now this was a total surprise for me, because it looks pink in the pan, but swatched it is darker. I would describe it as very dark pink-brown color, for me it is almost a perfect dupe of MAC's Sable (Sable is just a bit darker).

Hustle - a gorgeous deep plum-brown color, I've worn it on a night out all over the lid and smudged on the lower lashline - perfect!

Creep - a dark black-blue with silver shimmers (I haven't worn it yet).

Gunmetal - a pretty bue-silver shimmery shadow (haven't worn it yet).

The Eyeshadow Primer is amazing - keep your shadow in place all day! The pencils are great quality as well - very soft and really pigmented!

Conclusion: This palette is totally worth getting! After getting it I ended up selling 6 of my MAC shadows - Shroom, Sable, Grande Entrance and some others. If you are starting off with makeup (and even if not) - I can open heartedly recommend this palette, because when I think that I can get like 2 MAC shadows for the price of this whole palette which has 12 shadows, it's a great deal! :)

And one last picture:

Have you, guys, tried this palette? Which are your favorite colors, color combinations? Which are your favorite shadows even if not from this palette, I would be so curious to read! :)



  1. I just love this palette, it is on my wish list!

    I have the same problem as you, I live in Romania so I don't have access to a lot of product like MAC, Nars or Urban Decay. Can you please give me the link of the Uk website you wanted to order the palette from?

    Right now I'm loving my 2 Chanel quads in "Mystic Eyes" and "Beiges Velours".

    Enjoy your palette Polina!

  2. @MyaBeauty Than kyou! Here are 2 websites that deliver to BG, to Romania maybe too: and
    p.s. before orderingt try finding cupon codes for these websites online - you can at least save 10%! :)

  3. Thank you so much Polina :)
    Unfortunately neither HQhair or LookFantastic has it in stock :( I'll keep checking them.

  4. Great review Poli! I just bought one for a friend as a gift and I'm glad I chose this now :)

  5. great review! I've been thinking about trying that palette for a long time now.

  6. @ Rebecca from See You in Sweden I am sure your friend will absolutely love it!

    @ Angeltea7 I recommend it to you! You will love it! :)

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  8. I really want to try this product and after your post I think I will do it. I am also from Bulgaria and I am really happy that I have found ur blog. I think we need more people who can share their thoughts and experience with different products. I also started a blog, so if u want u can see it- Good luck Poli :)